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The important classes you need to know about

A Simple, Clear Interface For All Databases

DBvolution translates database concepts into object-oriented analogs to provide a natural programming interface

DBDatabase Provides the definition of the database, convenient access to other objects, and services like automatic connection pooling, insert/update/delete, and transactions
Oracle11AWSDB SQLServerDB MySQLDB H2DB SQLiteDB PostgresDBParticular instances of DBDatabase pre-packaged for particular databases
DBTableClassGeneratorcreates a data model for a given database automatically. Designed to create static classes that you can add features and value to
DBRowProvides the basis for the data model classes. Includes the column(QueryableDatatype) method for creating easily creating conditions and column expressions.
QueryableDatatypeEncapsulates the differences between a Java datatype and the database equivalent(s)
DBString, DBNumber, DBInteger, DBDate, DBBoolean, DBBooleanArray, DBByteArray, DBJavaObject, DBPoint2D, DBLine2D, DBPolygon2DSpecific implementations of database datatypes
DBTableA simple interface to querying a single table
DBQueryA simple interface for querying multiple tables: includes natural joins, outer joins, self joins, query by example, query with conditions, sorting, automatic grouping, cartesian join prevention, blank query prevention, row limits, paging, and much more
DBMigrationTransform data in one table into information in another table
DBRecursiveQueryA simple interface for creating tree and path structures from self-referencing tables
DBScriptProvides test(DBDatabase) and implement(DBDatabase) methods to make implementing ACID transactions simple and transparent
DBActionListA convenient container for database agnostic Insert/Update/Delete actions that provides a script, and revert script, of stored actions for a particular database. Excellent for DBAs, debugging, and traceable activity logs

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